The double LP ROUTE 2 consistently follows the sound worlds of the LP ROUTE 1, also released in 2022 on In doing so, Roland Schappert transfers ten new pieces of his special sound generation with often surprising twists into contexts that are only remotely reminiscent of familiar analog instruments or digital synthesizers. Short melody fragments, pointed tone sequences and rhythmic phrases in varied loops or unique are organically interwoven with each other.

Joachim Ody, May 2022


Bell-like sounds drip, beat sequences of notes before them, and unfold a finely chiseled microcosmic ballet. At the end, an evolutionary process unfolds and a portal opens, taking us to the echoing sounds of a bird hall, followed shortly by a tranquil ocean atmosphere. Nature is reclaiming space. Or will this prove to be a deceptive simulation in the end?


Drone threatens. Alarm sirens wail. Storm is coming. Rain whips. Children panic. Escape. Or are they just playing? Is there a cruise missile approaching? Is an alien invasion imminent? No, it’s just a drone sending out signals. It only threatens. A sci-fi scenario of a cheap B-movie production is beamed into the interstellar now. This doesn’t come across as cheap – you never actually heard the sound of an offended saucer.

I love you, ich

No dance that stands still. Slowly, like an endless cloud. Full of interruptions, radio holes on the trail. Even a short sprint does not lead to a goal in front of your eyes – this is how you get to any place steadily in unison: Nothing more or less… I love you too.

I love you, Coda

A brief recasting and acceleration of I love you, ich, summarized in a new phonetic order. Individual broken letters form an aesthetic sound structure – electronic applications get into the uncoordinated. An artistic understanding distantly reminiscent of the history of sound poetry in the guise of rhythmic structures.


There unknown – similar to a disc – creaking with melodic continuous fire pushes itself towards a deep bass layer. Airily equipped, it delights in agonizing dryness of spartan tone sequences. Turns everything and does not deviate from the path.

Fällst mir leicht

A stomper for the dark disco. Direct. Dynamic. Full of energy. Mechanical rhythms are mercilessly driven forward. In their echo chambers, a virtual electronic world gambles away its liberation through an unexpected synth interruption that is robotically displaced. Marching would not be an option. To let off steam on the dance floor, to really puke your soul out, that is. That’s an easy way for you to fall.


Here, only letters and words speak for one minute. Ich – ich – ich – Dich – ich liebe Dich – ich – ich – Dich. Sounding and interconnection of voice and body. With a nervous mechanics, the phonemes puff, hiss, and overlap multiple times. They are modulated, serially systematized – until the essence of each expression appears dissolved.


The panorama of a southern Andalusian city as a dazzling fresco. But without any Spanish clichés. Without tourist folklore. Sonically illuminated and interlaced. Thus, a feeling is reflected to which one might expose oneself in this place, when images detune the sounds. Thoughtfully, concentrated, almost procession-like, a melodic fragment comes together. With fluctuations at the margin. Day bright and night black. The motif is constantly repeated, changing keys, wandering through scales. Harmonies start to falter. In the process, they seem to dissolve incessantly without the piece losing substance. The instrument remains unrecognized. An unknown stringed instrument?


In glistening light, the world dream of a coastal resort shimmers in the heat. Full of absorbent cotton and pithy edges, it clicks and clanks between two winds. In the thick oil flirt cold-pressed olives. Broken open, they float away.


A few ice cubes in the glass. Before they melt, they are shaken. They rotate. Clink. Then a pan. The sound takes on a life of its own and becomes blurred. Transfers into rhythms. Loud life of its own. The cubes are no longer identifiable as such, they are filtered and metamorphosed in several shades. An electronic decomposition process seems to be inexorably underway. Rhythms circulate, catching themselves and the listeners. They are constantly changing their style. Not forever. At the end, the mass, which has become amorphous, is unveiled and diverts onto the still clinking ice. No time has passed.

Joachim Ody & Roland Schappert, May 2022

Created, performed, mixed, artwork, lyrics
and cover photographs by Roland Schappert
Mastered by Robert Feuchtl at
Design by Monika Neumann at
Produced by Michael Heiber at
Thank you Joachim Ody
Limited Edition 250
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